Friday, February 24, 2006


I've done the frame for the Japanese puzzle quilt. I stabilized the thing by ironing it to freezer paper, and turning under the edges of the outside pieces. Then, after figuring out the length and width of the border, I carefully placed the quilt down on paper cut to size and marked the angle lines. Next I retraced the pattern and added seam allowances, cut the pieces out and stitched together.

It went together very smoothly, and sounds simple to tell, but figuring it out was the hard thing. I have learned a lot about putting odd angled pieces together, if nothing else! The next thing is the tedious, but straight-forward job of appliqueing the body of the quilt to the frame. Keeping it straight and flat will be the main problem. I hope lots of pins will do the trick.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Welcome to the Quilters Lounge Kay, glad to have you aboard. Your blog is a lovely read, I've added it to my "dailies". Anxious to see this piece you're working on in it's next stages!

Rian said...

Hi Kay, your Japanese Puzzle is really coming together nicely--Love the pieced border! Is that a piece of the Hoffman Challenge fabric I see? Are you going to enter this year?

I'm looking forward to getting to know you around the Lounge. We've been a little quiet lately...but we can be a noisy bunch, so please chime in!

Allison said...

Beautiful colors, Kay...and welcome to the Quilter's Lounge! It's a fun and really supportive place. We're all in the middle of losing weight together: it's cool!
Hope to see you there often.