Sunday, February 26, 2006


I just wanted to make a quick plug for the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show that I'm attending this week. It's a relatively small show, but the teacher list is great, and because it's comparatively small, it's easier to get into a class than at some other shows. It's not a juried show, but in spite of that the quality of the quilts is very high, and it's fun to see less than professional work too. Bloomington, Indiana is a charming college town in a hilly scenic area with an attractive courthouse square, surrounded by interesting shops. The IU campus is beautiful and worth seeing also. The whole event is small, low key, but very good.

I'm really looking forward to going this year because my sister is joining me from Louisiana. She's taking Esterita Austin's class, and I'm taking Libby Lehmann's. Should be fun. I always stop at Quilt Quarters in Indianapolis on the way down, and that's a treat also.


Scrapmaker said...

Those are two great teachers, you should both have fun! Share when you get back, we want to hear all about it. Jen

Rian said...

And take pictures! We want to see lots of pictures!