Monday, February 13, 2006

Japanese Puzzle

The puzzle pattern is very intriquing--something simple made into something complex. The block is a large 60 degree diamond made out of four smaller diamonds. But the smaller diamond pieces don't divide the block evenly, so they are irregular and mirror images of each other. When the blocks are put together the different fabrics don't intersect evenly making a kind of jagged effect. There are obviously lots of possibilities for this, most of which I have no idea of now. I have so far just cut and placed enough pieces to make four blocks. That's enough so that I'm beginning to see how the different pieces work, and how the larger pattern of blocks MIGHT fit together, but there is still lots of room for trial and error. I'm not even sure about the color combination I'm playing with.

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Quilting Karen said...

Kay, I just got home from the first night of a weekend class on Japanese puzzle. I went to the class thinking I would do one thing (a landscape) and deciding on my way home that I am entirely too structured for the Japanese puzzle process! I am completely changing my direction for this which I am sure will please our instructor no end when I get to class tomorrow! I loved reading your posting on Japanese Puzzle.