Friday, February 17, 2006

Post Card

I said I would never make one of these--never say never. My sister's birthday is next week, and I thought of something I could put on a card. They have been waiting since October for the sheet rock to repair their house damaged in hurricane Rita, so that's the explanation for the picture. It was fun. Free cutting picture and letters, fusing, and freemotion stitching on something so small is very non-threatening. Only the binding is a bit of a pain. I think overcast stitching would look good and certainly be easier.

One comical thing happened--I decided to rip out some of my first quilting stitches because the thread showed up too much over the letters. Of course that left holes in the fabric, so to get rid of the holes I spritzed the thing with water and steamed it. The blue fabric of the letters apparently wasn't colorfast, and ran. So the letters have an appropriately hurricane-ravaged look.

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