Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Japanese Puzzle-next stage

I think I like this--now to figure out how to actually draft and sew that border! Yowee. I guess a paper pattern is the way to go, but measuring scares me, since I tend to be so inaccurate. Tomorrow or the next day I'll give it a shot.


Scrapmaker said...

Its been pretty interesting watching you do this. I like it very much so far.
I hope you share how you come up with the proper paper piecing. I am just learning how to do this (draft my own, that is.) Jen

Kay said...

What I have done is measure the depth of the border pieces, tape pieces of newsprint together in the proper size, then CAREFULLY place the top on the paper and draw those angled lines. Next step is to actually cut a pattern adding seam allowances, and hope for the best. I haven't worked up the nerve yet! I 'm afraid this can't be totally accurate, but it seems the only way possible because I don't know how to measure this.